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Ugo Rondinone, nude – Athens – Greece

Ugo Rondinone, nude, 2011 © the artist. Courtesy of Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zürich photo ©: Stefan Altenburger Photography, Zürich

Until September 19th 2012 – Nicholas P. Goulandris Foundation – Museum of Cycladic Art

The Museum of Cycladic Art is pleased to announce an exhibition by the Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, under the title nude. The exhibition is a new site specific installation. Rondinone intervened and changed everything about the space, the floor, the light and the colours of the walls and ceiling to create his characteristically otherworld, dreamlike environment.  A special sculpture wall was installed in the first room to make sure this world is separated from everyday life. Neon lights and a lightbox sculpture create an even light that confuses our sense of time or place. Seven life-sized nude figures inhabit the space, in peaceful repose, informally posed on the floor. Jointed like store-window mannequins, the figures are exquisitely detailed, as they are cast in wax directly from the human body. The sections of each figure are made of different earth colors, a mixture of wax and earth pigments. Naked and vulnerable, they seem to be resting after having performed. Rondinone himself says he chose dancers at the peak of their youth, bodies full of energy to accentuate the contradiction with their state of slumber. Why are they resting? From what? Maybe from life? Did they ever have their own life? In the context of the Museum of Cycladic Art, where the figurines of the permanent collection, dating from 3000BC, remain hermetically closed, resting in enigmatic serenity, Rondinone’s resting figures invite the viewer to reflect on the evolution of the figuration through the centuries but also on how humanity deals with existential question through time.

Museum of Cycladic Art

Andrea Ebener – Zurich – Switzerland

Andrea Ebener, Hi, 2011, 70 x100 cm, unique Cyanotype on Torchon Watercolor Paper © Andrea Ebener

Until May 5th 2012 – Galerie Walter Keller

Young Swiss artist Andrea Ebener (*1987) has created a group of self-portraits that she first took with her digital camera. At the same time she has started to discover for herself old techniques like photogelatine printing or buying the necessary chemical components to create cyanoprints.

She produces them herself on watercolor papers. Each of the image that literally „goes through“ her hands is unique, no other person is involved. This way the notion of the often abused declaration „vintage print“ comes back to life, as each print is created by the artist herself shortly after the original image was taken digitally.

Andrea Ebener, unique Cyanotype on Torchon Watercolor Paper © Andrea Ebener

am very interested and magically taken by her images, which are the result of combining technological innovation („the digital“) and traditional craftmanship. And I believe that this combination will be a way out for some of the young creative photographers who are sitting in front of their screen asking themselves: „What can I add to the creation of photographic art that has not been done yet? How can I develop my very own, distinctive handwriting?“

And, there is one thing to add: Images like those created by Andrea Ebener can only be made photographically, not through any other technique. Which is – apart from the always given criteria of artistic quality – another very important aspect when judging fine art photography: Could the images have been done better than by using photography? In the case of Ebner’s cyanoprints and photogelatine prints the answer fortunately is a clear „no“, they could not have. (Walter Keller)

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Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs, The Great Unreal – Berlin – Germany

21st of August 2010 to the 25th of  September 2010 – Kunstagenten Gallery
What happens on a journey through a country whose infinite production in media and art creates and celebrates its own myth? How can you escape from this maelstrom and discover new images behind the plywood facades?

The photo series „The Great Unreal“ by the Swiss artist duo Taiyo Onorato (born 1979 in Zurich) and Nico Krebs (born 1979 in Winterthur), deals precisely with these issues. After the two artists came in 2005 as fellows from the city of Zurich to New York, they have made several trips across the United States. Originated „on the road“ the photographs formulate the real and fictitious, documented and constructed, images and illusions as ideas that meet each other: We see a group of French fries that were assembled as a group of tourists on a cliff at the edge of the Grand Canyon. Street models made of cardboard are positioned in front of the horizon in relation to the camera, so that they look like real, endless highways. A row of old car tires falls down a hill, as would a galloping buffalo herd. In the tradition of Joel Sternfeld or Stephen Shore, Onorato & Krebs play with the images and myths that shape our view of the “American Way of Life”. Without resorting to digital manipulation, they build their own unique worlds. And it is not unusual for the trail that leads to the final image to pass over the expansion of the flat pictorial space to the installation space. What remains is the certainty that each row of deserted terraced housing estates, each magnificent landscape panorama, every abandoned motel could ultimately be the perfect illusion – photography as a means to the sober documentation of reality is questioned self-referentially.

Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs studied photography at the Zurich University of the Arts. The common interest in the manipulation of reality, in the play with proportions and perspectives, led to the amalgamation of the artists as a duo in 2003. In the following years their works were shown at the Kunstmuseum Thun (2006), the Kunsthaus in Aarau (2009) and the Fotomuseum Winterthur (2009), just to mention a few. International recognition gained the duo solo exhibitions at the PS 1 MoMA (2006) and the Swiss Institute (2008) in New York and in the EX 3 Art Centre in Florence (2010).

“The Great Unreal“ in the gallery KUNSTAGENTEN is the first solo exhibition of the artists duo in Germany. For art forum Berlin 2010 (October 07–10, 2010) the gallery will show alongside photographs, installations and sculptural works by Onorato & Krebs. 

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