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Erol Akyavaş – Retrospective – Istanbul – Turkey


Until the first of December 2013 -Istanbul Modern

a comprehensive inventory of the artist’s oeuvre that extends over half a century from the 1950s to the late 1990s. The exhibition brings together in great diversity the unique synthesis Akyavaş developed between the artistic and cultural worlds of the East and the West, his perspectival and architectural arrangements on the canvas that passed through many transformations in time, his subconscious explorations that focused on the human figure and his interaction in his late period with the various cultures of the world. This selection of around 290 works, underlines the creative and pioneering identity Akyavaş assumed between modern and contemporary art.

Istanbul Modern

Fifty Years Of Urban Walls: A Burhan Doğançay Retrospective – Istanbul – Turkey

Doğançay - No Future, 1999 - Mixed media on masonite tiles mounted on canvas - 122 x 122 cm.Doğançay Collection of the artist

Until the 23rd of September 2012 – Istambul Modern

Since the early 1960s, Burhan Doğançay examines the social, cultural and political transformation of modern and contemporary urban culture through the use of walls. As an urban traveller, he has been tracking walls in various cities across the world for almost half a century. With the guise of an anthropologist, Doğançay examines these surfaces that are open to all manners of contemporary interventions ranging from posters to slogans, and messages with sexual content to newspaper clippings. Doğançay’s works with different techniques and styles, are positioned in both a historical and contemporary ground through their incorporation of the icons of popular culture and political symbols.

Fifty Years of Urban Walls: A Burhan Doğançay Retrospective stands as an anthology for Doğançay’s last 50 years of work. With works that range from small sized pieces to big canvases, and installations that run beyond the walls, to various materials and pursuits, this exhibition unrolls the background to Doğançay’s ways of working. The exhibition gathers together 14 distinct series and periods of time with works coming from different collections all over the world. The accompanying catalogue presents images of works along with explanatory texts, which provide different perspectives to his ouevre while documents and photographs on Doğançay’s life alludes to his urban traveller identity.

Doğançay - Hear It With Your Heart, 1988 - Collage and acrylic on two stacked canvases - 122 x 127 cm. Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı Foundation Collection

unich based publishing house Prestel will be printing and distributing the catalogue worldwide,  allowing Dogançay’s works to access a broader viewing public. The curator of the exhibition, Levent Çalıkoğlu maps out the artist’s body of work spanning over 50 years in his essay entitled, The Recording of History and the Anatomy of Walls. Brand new essays by Brandon Taylor, Professor Ermeritus of History of Art at Southampton University, and Richard Vine, Senior Editor at Art in America, as well as explanatory texts on each series by the writer, editor and graphic designer Clive Giboire all examine the techniques Dogançay has developed and integrated into his practice.

Istanbul Modern

New Works, New Horizons – Istanbul – Turkey

Istanbul Modern - photo: Bünyamin Kıvrak - Panoramio

Permanent Exhibition – Istanbul Modern

A museum is a home for art. It provides an alternative to the forces of consumption and production that we experience in our daily lives. As well as serving to protect, document and exhibit art, a museum also feels like a spiritual place where art can live and breathe. Art knits together a complex web of relationships, aside from the chronological, thematic and stylistic approaches that characterize exhibitions. A museum is the point where the viewer and the artist intersect. It is a safe haven where art can establish itself.

“New Works, New Horizons” presents the evolution of modern and contemporary Turkish art from its earliest stage to the present day and features the most prominent artists and works in Turkey. The texts to the side of each work discuss the social, cultural, economic, and political dynamics of this development. These texts show that each work of art is embedded in life and that art develops in tandem with its context. Considered together, these texts trace the significant changes in Turkish art that occurred during the 20th century.

The “Working Area” is a small hall where concurrent developments in contemporary art are examined and displayed. The exhibition format, which brings together artists from different places, aims to bolster the creativity of artists and artistic initiatives by providing a venue for their projects.

The İstanbul Modern Collection features works encompassing diverse disciplines, ranging from painting to sculpture and from installation to video.

Museum Hours

East Is West: Three Women Artists – Singapore

2012_East_is_west_rb - Mariana Vassileva

14 of January to February 15, 2012 – Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore

East is West: Three Women Artists is an exhibition featuring works by Mariana Vassileva (Bulgaria), Almagul Menlibaeva (Kazakhstan), and Nezaket Ekici (Turkey) who have taken up residence in Berlin.

Integral to their practice is performance that is recorded and subsequently shown as independent video work. Their practice involves both themselves directly as the subject, as well as others.

Nezaket Ekici wirbelrausch foto by andreas dammertz

ome of the work explores women as the subject as well as cultural differences that lie within their countries of origin and between national boundaries.


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