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Magritte – Vienna – Austria

René Magritte - The Pilgrim, 1966 - Oil on canvas - Mr. und Mrs. Wilbur Ross Collection © Charly HERSCOVICI Brussels - 2011 © VBK Vienna, 2011

Until the 26th of February 2012 – Albertina

The Albertina presents an exhibition of René Magritte, one of the most renowned and popular artists of the 20th century. A selection of more than 150 works from around the world will cover every creative phase of the artist, retracing Magritte’s artistic career.

René Magritte - La grande famille/Die große Familie, 1963 - Oil on canvas - Japan, Utsunomiya Museum of Art © Charly HERSCOVICI Brussels - 2011 © VBK Vienna, 2011

onceived in collaboration with the Tate Liverpool, the exhibition addresses hitherto little-explored aspects of Magritte’s life and artistic activity. It focuses on his use of patterns and recurring objects, the subject of covering and unveiling, visual breaks and eroticism in his oeuvre. On the basis of Magritte’s most important works and early commercial pieces, the exhibition examines the connection between the artist’s paintings and his work for the advertising industry as well as the influence of pop culture. Drawings and collages, rarely shown photographs and films will also be on display in the exhibition.

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Gustav Klimt / Josef Hoffmann – Vienna – Austria

From Oct 25, 2011 until Mar 4, 2012 – Lower Belvedere
The Belvedere owns the world’s largest collection of paintings by Gustav Klimt. In autumn 2011, it will present this world-famous artist together with the congenial architect and designer Josef Hoffmann. Their intense collaboration, such in the Beethoven Exhibition at the Vienna Secession (1902) and the Stoclet Palace in Brussels (1905-12), set new standards in Europe when it comes to the concept of the Gesamtkunstwerk. Numerous works, such as Klimt’s Portrait of Fritza Riedler, which clearly reflects Hoffmann’s characteristic hand, attest to the two pioneers’ mutual influence, which in this comprehensive exhibition is also explored with regard to their involvement in the Wiener Werkstätte.

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Carlo Mollino, Un Messaggio dalla Camera Oscura – Vienna – Austria

Carlo Mollino, Untitled Polaroid, circa 1962-73

From the 31st of August to the 25th of September, 2011 – Kunsthalle Wien

Born into a Turin architect and civil engineer’s family, Carlo Mollino studied art history and architecture and made a name for himself as a skier, racecar driver and aerobatic pilot, as an author and photo artist. Yet his international renown is primarily based on his work as a designer of furniture and exclusive interiors in the spirit of the gesamtkunstwerk. His organic language of forms was not least inspired by the form of the female body – as particularly evidenced by the part of his photographic work he always kept private: over 1,000 Polaroids portraying beauties of Turin’s night life in the nude in mise-en-scène settings. The pictures were part of the preparation of his “House for the warrior’s rest” (today: Casa Mollino), a villa in Turin on the Po River.

The presentation will juxtapose furnishings of the villa with a selection of these Polaroids for the first time. It explores the boundaries and bridges between this universal artist’s male erotic imagination and his intellectual and artistic attitude.

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Josef Fischnaller: PRÄCHTIG dudes, hustlers and other weirdos – Vienna – Austria

LUCRETIA 2011 , c-print on dibond, diasec 100 x 75 cm

From August 25 to September 23, 2011 – Galerie Ernst Hilger

A native of Vienna,  Photographer Josef Fischnaller sees himself as a perfectionist, his heart is in every detail, like his photo spread of the “old masters” that he made with his baroque stylisation sometimes with clothes made ​​of paper and gaffer tape. Josef constantly developed new visual ideas, always motivated by the desire to try new things. Joseph lives and works between Berlin and Vienna.

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Makart. Painter of the Senses – Vienna – Austria

Makart, Hans (1840-1884) - 1873 The Triumph of Ariadne (Galerie Belvedere, Vienna) Oil on canvas; 784 x 476 cm

From 9 June to 9 October 2011 – Lower Belvedere and Orangery
Like no other artist of the nineteenth century, Hans Makart influenced an era whose embodiment he became and which went down in the annals of history as the ‘Makart period’. The Belvedere devotes a comprehensive exhibition to this exceptional artist, which is being compiled in cooperation with the Wien Museum and is going to investigate the myth of Makart.

Called to Vienna’s imperial court when still a young talent, the artist quickly climbed the ladder of success. His paintings were popular among the rising bourgeoisie and were eventually considered an indicator of social recognition and repute. Makart knew how to take advantage of the new possibilities of the emerging industrial age to market his works and use them for his own aesthetic language. His pictures and subjects became emblematic mirror images of his time and attracted attention both at home and abroad. Makart’s international recognition and appreciation, but also his painterly approach to colour, which relied on Delacroix, invite comparison with the international art of his period. His intense painterly treatment of Richard Wagner’s operas attests to his keen sense of innovative artistic developments. The designs by Gottfried Semper, who was a friend of Richard Wagner’s, inspired Makart to conceive his own architectural fantasies, which reflects his interest in the Gesamtkunstwerk or total work of art. Held in great esteem, Markat died in 1884 at the young age of forty-four years.

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Mel Ramos – Girls, Candies & Comics – Vienna – Austria

Mel Ramos Della Monty, 1971 Oil on Canvas Private Collection © VBK Vienna, 2011

18 February to 29 May 2011 – Albertina

The Albertina will dedicate a broad exhibition to the important Pop Art exponent Mel Ramos. The occasion of the exhibition was the Californian artist’s 75th birthday in 2010 as well as a celebration of over fifty years of the Pop Art movement. A representative selection of Ramos’s oeuvre, it focuses primarily on his paintings, and also includes preliminary sketches. The major works on display cover the entire spectrum of the artist’s creative phases, from the figurative depictions departing from abstract expressionism in his early paintings, through to his pictures of comic heroes and Wonder Woman from the 1960s, and, of course, the commercial pin-ups that made Ramos famous in the late 1960s. In his satire on brand advertising, the humorous artist depicts stylish pin-up girls in these oil paintings, wrapped lasciviously around giant Coke bottles, cigarette packets and pieces of diced cheese. The exhibition also features the series A Salute to Art History, in which the artist peps up nude pictures of classical masters with pop culture’s sex appeal, and paintings of Californian landscapes that most people.

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