Exhibition of sculptures, paintings photographes, vidéos.  Barbizon, 1st of May – 31st July of 2010
150 years after its creation, 100 contemporary artists  interpret The Angelus de Millet
It is hard for us today to imagine the popularity this painting had in the past. We remember of course modest interiors with poor colored reproductions over the side board. But Millet’s Angelus had a much more grandiose career, and for a long time it was the most famous painting in the world. When it arrived in the United States to be exhibited it was no more but no less the tour of a pop star: the convoy was accompanied by a jubilant crowd and each stop attracted tens of thousands of visitors. The Angelus today seems out of date, ridiculous, imbedded with a type of old fashioned religiousness. The experts at the Orsay museum do not think that though. To them it is a question of the point of view, and that is the sense of the original exercise they threw themselves into when they asked contemporary artists to reinterpret the famous scene of the country at twilight.
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