From January 28 to July 1, 2012 – ARKEN Museum of Modern Art

With 135 works THE ESSENCE OF COLOUR is the biggest exhibition to date of H.M. the Queen’s art. At the exhibition we enter a personal universe and follow the Queen’s artistic development over 35 years. The subjects range from the close surroundings through imaginary landscapes to the most recent depictions of radiantly coloured rocks and bones.

Nature – both idyllic and dangerous – is a central subject for the Queen. The colours in the Queen’s art express the essence of a spirit. They evoke emotions and states of mind where words are not enough. The works in the exhibition range wide, from gentle watercolours through expressive paintings to imaginative découpages. In the découpages she has recomposed cuttings from art sale catalogues and magazines into new, magical worlds where anything can happen. We encounter both the humour and seriousness of the artist Queen Margrethe II.

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