Portrait of the Imperial Guard Uksiltu / Keshiki Batu Luwuke Shier ( 伍 克 什 尔 图 wu ke shi er tu), the 29th of 100 portraits of Meritorious Officers participating in the East-Turkestan campaign (1755-1759) Ink on silk Qianglong seal, dated 1760 with honorific calligraphy in Manchu and Chinese by Liu Tong xun (1700-1773) Image 60 x 38 in Private collection

From October 22, 2011 to February 19, 2012 – Norton Museum of Art

The Emperors Orders: Designs from the Qianlong Imperial Workshop (1736 – 1796)
This exhibition features 10 objects in various media–painting, jade, ceramic, glass, and metalwork–all created for the greatest art collector in 18th century China, the Qianlong Emperor. Works from the Norton Museum’s own collection are featured and accompanied by important loans representing superlative examples of works produced in or from designs provided by the Imperial Palace Workshop. Being extremely inquisitive, this emperor invited many foreign artists to work at his court, including Mughal jade carvers, and Jesuit priest painters and glassmakers.

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