Storm C. 1502-1503 Giorgione (Giorgio di Giovanni Gasparini da Castelfranco)

From July 6, 2011 to August 7, 2011 – The  State Hermitage Museum

The Apollo Hall of the Winter Palace (260) held the opening of the exhibition from the series The Masterpieces from the World’s Museums in the Hermitage representing the picture of a famous Venetian master of Renaissance Giorgio da Castelfranco Storm from the collection of the Galleries of the Academy of Venice.

Just for the second time in its history Storm has left Italian borders and it is the first time when it is being exhibited in Russia. The Exhibition is confined to the crisscross Year of Italy in Russia and of Russia in Italy and it is prepared by the State Hermitage, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Activity of Italy, the Embassy of Italy in Moscow and the Special Administration for Sites Protection of Artistic, Historical and Ethno-Anthropological Heritage and Management of United Museums of Venice and Cities of the Lagoon Coast with assistance of ENEL Company.

Storm by Giorgione is one of the most amazing, poetic and at the same time mysterious works of the Venetian master. The picture, primarily belonging to Senator Gabriele Vendramin then having changed several owners, was sold by Prince Giovanelli to the Italian state in 1932 after prohibition on the canvas’ exportation outside the country’s borders. Since then Storm by Giorgione has been located in the Galleries of the Academy of Venice.

The plot of the picture has not been discerned yet. At the age of Romanticism it was seen as an illustration of the artist’s biography, later as episodes from the ancient mythology, Biblical history, short stories by Boccaccio and works contemporary to Giorgione, published in Venice.

Against the background with a view of a small town on the riverside there is silent nature, in expectation of the storm and an alarmed young woman, feeding the baby. At no time before Giorgione in the Italian art there had been a work in which the landscape acquired the role as significant as a human being: the world of people and the world of nature appear in the indissoluble connection.

Storm by Giorgione will stay in the Hermitage for a month and in September in exchange for the famous canvas two distinguished works Family Portrait and Madonna delle Grazie from the Hermitage collection which have not been exhibited anywhere outside the walls of the home museum will appear at the exhibition dedicated to the creative work of Lorenzo Lotto in the Galleries of the Academy of Venice.

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