Farzan Sadjadi "Gooey Mess" Household paint on canvas 2010 220x190 cm

22nd November 2010-10th of January 2011 – Carbon 12 Dubai

Carbon 12 proudly presents The Unbearable Lightness of Being, exhibiting the works of Katherine Bernhardt, Sara Rahbar, Rui Chafes, Erwin Olaf, Farzan Sadjadi, Michael Sailstorfer, Gil Heitor Cortesao, and Ralf Ziervogel. With their highly idiosyncratic style, each artist epitomizes the “Es muss sein!” (It must be so!) of Milan Kundera’s Book, which inspired the exhibition’s title.
The exhibition’s statement is literary: the works are like books, and the artists like authors.
The artist’s medium gives form to the concepts of structure and space, density and texture as a leaf of paper conveys thoughts, ideals, absolute truths and emotional distortions with every written word.
The relationship between the work and its creator is intertwined with originality and individuality. The oeuvre reveals the character of the artist, and vice-versa: the two form an inseparable entity, literally a body of work. The works offer paradigmatic solipsism and absolute ideals, and only what we call a true work of art manages to bring form and content together, in an intersection that allows the viewer to take part in artistic epiphany. The burdens of the daily grind, the joys of metaphysical horizons: light and darkness, to be or not be, inevitably omnipresent and unbearably beautiful.
A group exhibition featuring:
Katherine Bernhardt
Sara Rahbar
Rui Chafes
Erwin Olaf
Farzan Sadjadi
Michael Sailstorfer
Gil Heitor Cortesao
Ralf Ziervogel

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