Thomas Scheibitz, Haus, 2008 Öl, Vinyl, Pigmentmarker auf Leinwand / oil, vinyl, pigment marker on canvas 235 x 168 cm © VBK, Wien / Vienna 2010, Foto / photo: Jens Ziehe Courtesy: Sprüth Magers Berlin London

25 September 2010 to 28 November 2010 Share| – Galerie im Taxispalais , Galerie des Landes Tirol

Thomas Scheibitz’s exhibition in the Galerie im Taxispalais is his first extensive solo show in Austria. He has devised a series of site-specific works for it that re-interpret The Unswept Floor, an ancient trompe l’oeil mosaic. Scheibitz is interested in the boundaries, sometimes difficult to understand, between the figurative and the abstract, and how these boundaries can be broken down. His artistic work deploys painting and sculpture to an equal extent: painting extends the sculptural approach and conversely, sculpture explains his painterly processes. He works with an archive of visual materials that he has built up over the years, some of it photographed, some found in various media such as magazines, comics or films and extracted from fields such as architecture and design, but also science and popular culture. He uses detailed breakdowns and analysis to create a system of geometrical and organic doubles and thought-forms that reflects contemporary visual culture.

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