28 August to 10 October 2010 – The New Society for Visual Arts (NGBK)
The project is concerned with the forms taken by voluntary and involuntary global mobility and more especially with the connections between migration and tourism – two of the most significant social and economic phenomena in contemporary societies. Not least as a result of the EU expansions of recent years EU citizens are moving across the continent in increasing numbers, some as migrants, some as tourists and some as both. The project is aimed at discovering how the various migratory movements are linked and how they affect one another, as well as the extent to which new forms and models for work, leisure and “retirement“ or post-working life are emerging in the context of global socio-economic developments.
Artists: Ursula Biemann (CH), Sandra Hetzl (DE), Emmanuel Licha (CDN/F), Ives Maes (B), Eleonore de Montesquiou (F/EST), Timothy Moore (AUS/NL) & Isa Andreu (E/NL), Joanne Richardson (RO/US) & David Rych (A), Frederico Baronello (IT), Bettina Hutschek (D), Ergenio Tibaldi (IT), Oraib Toukan (Jord/US)

Gallery Hours