26 January 2011 to 1 May 2011 – Vasarely Museum, Budapest – Museum of Fine Arts

Transparency is an optical commonplace that is present everywhere. A material or object is truly transparent if we can sense it only through touch or by bumping into it, as it comes between the visible World and us. The most perfect and active form of transparency is represented by the eye itself. The exhibition brings together works that are seen as bearing or signifying the varying degrees and phenomena of transparency or bringing these phenomena to the fore. The result collecting these works together is a kind of “Wunderkammer” or chamber of wonders, whose examples are taken from the 20th century avant-garde, and several genres of the latest Contemporary Art including the work of well-known and very young artists.
Abonyi Alma, Joachim Bandau, Bálványos Levente, Hellmut Bruch, Eperjesi Ágnes, Piero Dorazio, Erdődy J.Attila, Alfréd Forbáth, Gáyor Tibor, Gyarmathy Tihamér, György Katalin, Haász István, Halász Péter Tamás, Jederán György, Joláthy Attila, Jovánovics Tamás, György Kepes, André Kertész, Jiři Kolar, Maurer Dóra, Manfred Mohr, Mengyán András, Vera Molnar, László Moholy-Nagy, Nádler István, Nemes Judit, Németh Melitta, Paizs Péter, Perneczky Géza, Uli Pohl, Rákóczy Gizella, Franz Riedl, Rita Rohlfing, Vera Röhm, Fritz Ruprechter, Eva Sarközi Pusztai, Nicholas Schöffer, Regine Schumann, Miloš Urbasek, Victor Vasarely, Ludwig Wilding, Varga Bertalan, Wolsky András

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