Jonathan Schipper - The Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle, 2007-2008 Installation The West Collection © 2010 Courtesy of the Artist & Pierogi

Until the 23rd of January 2011 – Museum Tinguely

“Under Destruction” is a group exhibition, the works of 20 international artists, the question of the use and role of destruction in the contemporary art carries on with. With the deliberate timing on the 50th Anniversary of Jean Tinguely’s self-destructive machine Homage to New York (1960), the exhibition shows a number of alternatives to the spectacular, protest-oriented use of destruction in the 1950s and 1960s, as in the works of Jean Tinguely, Gustav Metzger and others was seen. “If nothing can be created, so something must be destroyed” was how La part Rosalind Krauss, maudite by Georges Bataille (1949), together close. This aphorism can be a first moment quite well to the ethos of “Under Destruction” in approach, but this exhibition will serve more than the expectations that are associated with the topic normally: She wants to explore the extent to which and how varied in destruction connected with the creative act, and – more importantly – for what purpose. True to the spirit of Tinguely’s Homage to New York , the show is mainly kinetic and mainly presents work which mechanisms are the viewers in real time to open.

A collaboration with the Swiss Institute, New York, co-curated by Chris Sharp and Gianni Jetzer.

With works by Nina Beier + Marie Lund, Monica Bonvicini, Pavel Büchler, Nina Canell, Jimmie Durham, Alex Hubbard, Alexander Gutke, Martin Kersels, Michael Landy, Liz Larner, Christian Marclay, Kris Martin, Ariel Orozco, Michael Sailstorfer, Arcangelo Sassolino , Jonathan Schipper, Ariel Schlesinger, Roman Signer, John Vogl

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