Jefro - Because she said so, softly - Airbrush on board. Edition of 28 - 18 x 24 inches 2010 - Art Modern Gallery, Miami Beach

December 2 to December 5 2010 -The Catalina Hotel & Beach Club, 1732 Collins Avenue.

Verge is the fastest rising art fair enterprise in America. In only one year, it has established itself among fairs decades more established, with editions in Miami Beach during Art Basel and in New York during Armory Show. Founded by writer Michael Workman and artist Edouard Steinhauer under the umbrella of Workman/Steinhauer Productions, Verge chose to focus on emerging art as the cutting-edge in a market blindly obsessed with blue chip, a hangover from a boom times disinterest in innovation. Verge has seized this market niche to lead the way, introducing galleries and artists who have gone on to fill out the ranks of more established fairs such as SCOPE, Pulse and Volta. Verge artists are coveted and collected by important museums and top collectors, including the (in)famous Charles Saatchi. Verge is written about alongside major fairs in news coverage that has appeared in no less than the New York Times and The Art Newspaper.

Returning in 2010 for only its second year in Miami Beach, revving up the youthful energy that has made the brand a killer, the Catalina Hotel and Beach Club will once again be transformed into a temporary art center at the foot of Art Basel and the newly relocated Design / Miami, all now centered only two blocks from Verge on Collins Avenue. For those who take pride in their engagement with new and emerging art, missing out wouldn’t just be a missed show, it would be an embarrassment.