Sunflowers - Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

From 29 September 2012 to 25 April 2013

During its temporary stay in the Hermitage Amsterdam, the Van Gogh Museum will present works by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) from its permanent collection in a completely new way. In this display of some 75 paintings, selected letters, objects and works on paper, visitors will follow Vincent van Gogh on a personal quest into the heart of his artistic identity. The themes that the artist himself identified as central to his development will form the basis of the presentation Vincent: The Van Gogh Museum in the Hermitage Amsterdam.

Vincent's House in Arles or The Yellow House painted by Vincent van Gogh, 1888. Oil on canvas. 72x91.5cm.

uring this seven-month renovation, most of the works by Van Gogh in the museum’s collection will be on display at the Hermitage Amsterdam. Many major paintings will be included, such as Sunflowers, The bedroom, Almond blossom, The potato eaters and The yellow house, in surprising combinations of early and late works. Van Gogh’s most famous and best loved paintings will be shown side by side with lesser known works in closely integrated thematic pairings.

Vincent van Gogh - The potato eaters 1885 Oil on canvas - 82 cm × 114 cm (32.3 in × 44.9 in)Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

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