Vivienne Binns - In aura, Captain Cook and termite mound - 2003 - Acrylic and natural pigment (QLD) on canvas 165 x 130 cm

From November 17 to December 17, 2011 – Sutton Gallery

Vivienne Binns has established herself as a highly respected and astute artist within the Australian artistic landscape. Her work explores what it means to be an artist in Australia with local and European histories, engaging with cultures in the Asia Pacific region. Her abiding interests are the function of art making as a human activity, which occurs in all social groups, and the manifestations of this through out social environments especially in patterning and surface treatments.

Vivienne has spent time in Tokyo, New Guinea, the Cook Islands and Samoa. The patterned Tapa cloths from the region are a continuing source of inspiration to her. In 2000 she was in London researching Captain Cook’s voyages to the Pacific.

Vivienne received the Order of Australia Medal for contribution to art, craft and community; the Ros Bower Memorial Award and the Australian Artists Creative Fellowship. Her work is held in major museums and collections throughout Australia.

Binns started her career with an explosive exhibition held at Watters Gallery in Sydney in the 1960s.The show contained powerful sexual symbolism which was unexpected from a young woman, and is now seen as anticipating 1970s feminist art. In the 70s she was active in the crafts and fought for improvements for women artists and conditions in the arts generally. From 1972 she evolved an art practice in communities throughout Australia, often working from a caravan in rural NSW. The best known projects from this period are Mothers’ Memories Others’ Memories (1979-1981) and Full Flight when Vivienne worked from a caravan in rural areas of NSW. During the last ten years her practice has focused on studio-based painting.

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