Willy Eisenschitz

From October 26 to November 8 2011 – The National Art Museum of China

This exhibition of 66 oil paintings, gouaches and toner paintings of Willy Eisenschitz, most of which come from Shici Arts Collection Institution is part of the activities to celebrate thr “40th Anniversary of Sino-Austria Establishment of Diplomatic Relation”.

Willy Eisenschitz was an Austrian artist in the early 1900s. In order to pursue individual arts, in 1912 he moved to the arts capital at that time, Paris. He broadly absorbed features from various schools and combined them, including impressionism, cubism, expressionism, etc. and finally created his own style. He loved nature and got enlightened by landscape in the South of France, especially landscape of Provence. His works, no matter whatever oil painting, gouaches or toner paintings, always expressed bright lines, bright color, hot, bold and full of love and sincere feelings for nature.

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