September 2010 – Belgravia Gallery
Michael Molloy studied painting before beginning a career in newspapers. He was editor of the Daily Mirror for the ten years before Robert Maxwell bought the company when he became Editor in Chief of Mirror Group Newspapers. He left to become a full time writer and published several acclaimed novels and children’s books, but then, ten years ago, he compulsively began to paint again. He has exhibited in the South of France and London. Collectors of his work include Anne Robinson, Delia Smith and Lesley Joseph.

Molloy says of his art;  “I think my work is quintessentially English and mostly drawn from the suburbs of London and the outlying villages and countryside. As a child in West London I often saw shots of familiar streets in the movies made by Ealing Studios, which also helped to blur the barriers between reality and creativity in my imagination. In my mind today there is often a dreamlike merging of old family photographs, black and white film stills, and childhood recollections that all contribute and influence my pictures. I am deeply attracted to the period my family lived through in the 30’s 40’s and fifties. A condition that I believe is sometimes referred to as ‘Post generation nostalgia.’ It is a world that is all but gone from our cities and suburbs, apart from the parks and some of the older houses, but it can still be found more abundantly in the unchanging English countryside.”

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