From the 19th of  September 2010 to the 14th of  November 2010 – Kunsthaus Basel-Land
As part of the Culture Festival Capes Kunsthaus Basel-Land solo exhibitions by Yang Fudong , Sun Xun and Mireille Gros.

Sun Xun
, born 1980 in Fuxin is one of the most aspiring artists of a younger generation.
The artist is v.a. known for his animated drawings, which are filmed separately combined with text and a film spliced together . In his solo exhibition , he shows a great number of drawings and prints, as well as his latest film production. His themes are related to history and politics, are traversed again and again by elements from nature.

Yang Fudong – Born in 1971 in Beijing, artist Yang Fudong has become known in recent years by prominent international appearances.
For the Kunsthaus Basel-Land , he shows all five parts published so far by the ongoing film series ” Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest ” . The films are based on the stories of seven intellectuals as the historical and Jin Dynasty. They met in the bamboo forest to live out their desire for individuality and freedom.

Mireille Gros – The use of the useless
The artist lives in Basel Mireille Gros ( born 1958 ) has addressed significantly in recent years with the state of China and the philosopher Zhuang Zi . Her solo exhibition under the theme “the use of the useless “and shows a series of new drawings , photographs and paintings.

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