From the 26 of December 2010 to the 6 of January 2011 – National Art Museum of China
Taste Satisfaction and HappinessⅢ

In recent years, Zhao Li has been exploring in the area of the creation of the formalist paintings. How to integrate the Chinese spirit into the abstract art which is the western modernist art form is the main question that Zhao Li is thinking about. Thus many of her artworks are created with the splashing color, which makes a distinctive style of her art in the current art creations.

An attention to the formal elements of the paintings has become a key characteristic of Zhao Li’s art works. Zhao Li is skilled in using dense colors to display a strong sense of form. The almost pure colors like black, red, gold, silver, yellow, green, blue and purple etc of Zhao Li’s paintings have expressed the great passion of the artist. While Zhao is creating, the overflow of the emotions from the artist is so powerful that the brush can no longer deliver such intensive emotions, Therefore; the splashing color which possesses a sense of action is naturally adopted. The color and formal effect that the artist pursues is a kind of achievement mingling ups as a whole the two aesthetic concepts: slenderness and passion. The tableaus of Zhao Li’s paintings are pithy and pure, whose formal language is sprightly, rhythmic and melodious, in which the Chinese elements of the color and the form are easy to find. This exhibition is to summarize the achievement of Zhao Li’s art creation, which is significantly helpful both for the further development of the artist’s creations and the academic exchanges in the artistic field.

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